Multi-Channel Notifications

Multi-Channel Notifications

Increase Customer Engagement

Customers have spoken up: Proactive welcome messages, emergency alerts, automated reminders, transactional confirmations and enticing notifications make a tremendous difference in their engagement and customer service satisfaction. (The drastic reduction in your operational costs is just a bonus.)

West’s scalable, cloud-based environment facilitates the text, voice, mobile push or email notifications that set your users’ minds at ease before they go on a quest for answers.


delivered in 2014

Voice Messages

Create brand-aligned voice messages and ensure timely delivery. Rely on a high-capacity platform with domestic and international dialing support, intelligent call-pacing, right-party authorization and industry-leading answering machine detection.

SMS Notifications

Deliver standard-rate and free-to-end-user (FTEU) messages with assurance from a geographically redundant platform. Pave the way for future growth with easily expandable modularized applications.

Easily integrate with other outbound channels, including email, fax and mobile push applications.

Blasts and Emergency Alerts

Create emergency alerts at a moment’s notice and disseminate them to customers based on preference, demographic criteria or geographic area.

Payments and Collections

Send payment reminders, billpay updates and past-due notifications to increase payments and decrease collections expenses. SMS payment verification notifications reduce repeat calls by 2 percent among West clients.

Survey and Feedback

Invite and monitor customer feedback with automatic survey applications.

Consent and Compliance

Ensure compliance with a built-in customer opt-in/opt-out database.