SMS/Text Conversations

SMS/Text Conversations

Keep The Text Conversation Going.
Build SMS Relationships.

Don’t just talk at users; text with them. Ninety-one (91) percent of Americans have their mobile phones within reach 24/7 and check them an average of 150 times a day. Most view texting as a “free” channel and, in many cases, it exceeds voice usage.

SMS conversations forge an easy path to connect with answers if, for example, a customer has exhausted his mobile Web search and wants an answer at-the-ready. If your brand is prepared to not only issue SMS notifications, but promptly respond to customers’ texts, you are sure to provide better service and create a familiar customer experience that lines up with their expectations.


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Automated Two-way SMS

Automate instant replies to customers’ basic SMS/text messages. It is helpful to keep customers in the same channel — particularly if your outbound notifications trigger their need for assistance.

Replies may range from a simple “Thank you,” to offers for click-to-call support, to payment confirmations within a two-way pay-by-text application.

SMS Assistant

In complex cases where automation doesn’t quite suffice, you can still offer agent assistance in a lower-cost channel. Agent-assisted SMS encourages customer interaction via text message and frees customer service representatives to multi-task with several customers at once.

Research has also shown that revenue can increase when proactive notifications are linked to agent-assisted text messaging features.

Customers send inquiries or responses to proactive notifications that are routed to appropriate agents with all necessary contextual information, who may then select pre-designated or custom replies. These interactions may take place over a few minutes or a number of hours, and even transition to multiple agents, without compromising conversational context or flow. Agent-desktop integration, interaction tracking and SMS aggregation ensure continuity.

Natural Language SMS

Recognize non-keyword based text messages to encourage users’ freedom of expression in multiple languages. Natural language interactions feel effortless and are, thus, more effective. This mitigates opt-outs and inbound customer service in pricier channels.