Eliminate Uncertainty Around Substation Check-Ins and Outs, and Increase Control Center Efficiency

Tracking substation field crews’ entry and exit is a challenge for utilities. Relying solely on field personnel dialing into control centers, the traditional tracking process is far from efficient. Large call volumes overwhelm your operations center, busy signals pile up and worker safety becomes a major concern. SubTrac is changing the tracking process of old by allowing workers to use text messaging to check in and out.

SubTrac helped one
national utility reduce
call volume up to

across 10 states.

Features include:

Facilitate quicker responses and confirmations with two-way text messaging. Free field crews to get in and out of the substation faster, reduce calls to the operation center and allow staff to focus on potential restoration efforts.

Provide easy access to add, remove and update information for personnel, substations and preferred outreach strategies.

Create a single source of truth and allow visibility across multiple territories and operating companies.

Create a safer, more transparent substation tracking process and improve check-in/out rates through customized alerts including, restricted substation messages, end of work day reminders and supervisor escalation.

Watch the video below to see SubTrac in action or download our product data sheet to learn more. Contact a West specialist today if you are interested in a detailed product demo.