Professional Services

Professional Services

Substantiate ROI with Strategic Consultation, Expert Design and Advanced Analytics

To create a customer journey that’s greater than the sum of its parts, you need communication solutions that put your audience in the driver’s seat and consistently save your organization time and money. West isn’t just a hardware or software vendor; our expert team provides strategic consultation, innovative automated solutions and professional know-how to drive real connections and substantial business returns.

Inbound, outbound or conversational, from voice to desktop to mobile to wearable, you’ll be able to reach consumers on the channels they choose, with the service they demand and messages they appreciate.

Experienced professional support – ranging from network management; to application design, speech science and usability testing; to customer journey mapping, strategic account support and complex business intelligence – frees you to focus on your core business objectives.

As your consultative partner, West will:

AVOKE Analytics

AVOKE is the only customer experience optimization solution that monitors the full breadth of your customers’ interactions from the moment customers dial until hang up, connecting voice with chat and text interactions for analysis and optimization.

Assessments and Design

Evaluate the customer journey on the front end to identify gaps, unforeseen challenges and opportunities. Designing and testing communication solutions against the needs of your customer base inspires brand differentiation and operational effectiveness to improve the overall customer experience.

Application Development and Testing

Design and deploy applications that support your brand’s unique challenges and customer demands, from natural language speech recognition to secure payment processing. Developing and testing applications in a stable environment ensures tip-top solution functionality, speed-to-market and up-to-the-minute innovation.

Network Management and Security

Up-time and absolute security are critical to the consistency of your customer experience. Solution integration expertise, 24/7×365 monitoring, geographic redundancy and expert technical support give your stakeholders the confidence that interactions will always be as smooth as possible.

Strategic Account Support and Communication Hub

Cross-functional collaboration paves the way for better customer communication strategies and strategic improvements. Consultative partnership is one of the most important things West provides our clients, and we have created an internal structure to make sure that we proactively have open dialogue with you and earn our seat at your decision-making table.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Use what you learn from the market and internal data to maximize efficiencies and perpetually improve contact strategies. Conduct in-channel or cross-channel analysis; single-or cross-campaign evaluation with the help of dedicated data analytics experts who not only understand your goals, but hold themselves personally accountable for achieving them.