Assessments, Design & Testing

Assessments, Design & Testing

Prioritize and Guide a Better

Guide the ideal user experience from the get-go. On the basis of thorough customer assessments and data insight, West will help you build a successful strategy, then orchestrate new and existing inbound, outbound, CRM and workforce management technologies.

Customer journey assessments and lifecycle management inform multi-channel communication strategies to help your technical solutions operate at their best – individually and with one another.

West strongly believes in underpinning your communication solutions with the cognitive and behavioral research that help you deliver a great customer experience, and position your brand for continued growth. We conduct agent and customer focus groups to inform design on the front-end, as well as subsequent usability testing. Experts report on potential areas for improvement and reconfiguration.

User-interface designers develop dialog specifications / scripts to meet your business, marketing and customer service objectives, using the latest navigation methodologies.

Down to talent selection for IVR and proactive voice message recording, creative services professionals help you personify your brand and thread a consistent experience across all channels and over 40 languages. We have three state-of-the-art multimedia recording studios and audio professionals in-house to help you record, edit and load high-quality prompts.