Overcoming Sales Gaps

Overcoming Sales Gaps

Solutions to Overcome Sales Challenges

Vacant Territories can impact your ability to achieve revenue and growth targets in a significant way. However, having Open Territories within your sales team isn’t the only thing that impacts your ability to make your sales goals.

Our data shows companies face the following challenges:

  • Being able to quickly fill open/vacant territories without losing revenue
  • Generating enough qualified sales leads to fuel the sales funnel
  • Having accurate and consistent data on the right prospects
  • Closing sales in a timely manner (mainly due to the increased number of stakeholders in the decision process)
  • Penetrating new markets, new channels and new businesses
  • Getting past gatekeepers on restricted access accounts
  • Breaking past geographic barriers in sales regions
  • Using an effective combination of inside sales and field sales to fully penetrate markets
  • Dealing with sales personnel turnover in a prompt and effective way

Sound like any of the challenges you face?

West’s Revenue Generation Service provides outsourced B2B sales solutions that can help you overcome your sales challenges. With over 30 years of B2B sales experience, we work as an extension of your sales organization providing inside sales support, lead generation services, sales automation solutions and outbound sales programs. As a division of West’s Specialized Agent Services have a proven track record of helping business-to-business organizations overcome market-driven sales challenges.

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