Telecom Services

Telecom Services


West is a market leader in toll free services. Our Toll Free Termination solution aggregates, transports and terminates toll free calls. Our suite of custom routing features coupled with our telephone number management system allows our partners to manage and monitor their toll free traffic with ease. Whether your toll free routing requirements are simple or complex, with West’s Toll Free Termination solution management of your toll free routing can be worry-free.

• Set custom call routing parameters by day-of-week, geography, originating line indicator and many other options.
• Easily re-route calls in response to emergency conditions.
• Realize cost-savings with our multi-CIC routing option.

Experience the difference in toll free routing with West.
West is a facilities-based, licensed CLEC and an FCC 214 carrier. Our next-generation network is protocol agnostic, so whether you need a TDM or IP solution we’ve got you covered. That is why the nation’s leading carriers trust West for Toll Free services.

• Flexible Call Routing – multiple custom routing options are available to meet business needs
• Toll Free Number Interface allows users to easily manage call routing settings
• Granular traffic reports and call detail records are available via West’s customer portals and online proprietary systems
• Multiple RespOrg arrangements are available.

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