Proactive Notifications with Managed Services

Better customer
Better bottom line.

Customers demand service when and how they want it. Today, that usually means texts or other mobile communication. At the same time, you need to reduce call volume and increase profitability. How do you accomplish both? With Proactive Notifications from West, a managed provider.

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Let Us Help You Help Your Customers

  • Meet your customers where they spend time—on their mobile phones
  • Communicate timely and relevant information
  • Streamline communication with automatic confirmations and notifications
  • Facilitate payments
  • Maximize response rates
  • Capture unique preferences for specific business functions and centralize customer information with a single source of truth
  • Simplify access to account information, reducing the need for live agents
  • Invite and monitor customer feedback with automatic surveys
  • Reduce operational costs of inbound customer service
  • Engage more frequently and efficiently with a broader audience
  • Maximize response rates
  • Ensure opt-in consent and regulation

Whatever Your Industry
Whatever Your Goals

Retail and Consumer Services

  • Movie ordering
  • Event sign-up
  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Field service management
  • CSAT surveys
  • Appointment reminders
  • Loyalty programs
  • Coupon provision

Home Services

  • Outage status
  • Crew dispatch
  • Bill pay and reminders
  • Weather alerts
  • Home security alerts
  • Field service management
  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation

Travel and Logistics

  • Delivery confirmation
  • Field service management
  • Arrival/departure status
  • Delay/cancellation announcements
  • Terminal/gate changes

Financial Services and Insurance

  • Welcome notifications
  • Credit card activity
  • Fraud alerts
  • Payment reminders
  • Account balance notifications
  • Claim updates

Health Care and Pharmacy

  • Disease management
  • Population management
  • Patient onboarding
  • Health plan management
  • Self-pay
  • Affinity marketing
  • Prescription refill and ready
  • Medical reminders
  • Appointment reminders


  • Emergency alerts
  • Weather alerts
  • Proactive education
  • Community outreach
  • Geolocation-based notifications

Case Studies

A Cable/Satellite Provider


Eliminate unnecessary truck rolls and improve customer service.


Appointment verification, ETA reminders, service issues and new customer welcome messages using Proactive Notifications.

$7 million

annual savings in agent costs.

Health Care/Pharmacy


Prevent lapses in patients’ prescription refills.


Outbound SMS reminders.


higher refill rate +

$71 million projected revenue growth.

A Utility Company


Reduce inbound calls during major weather events.


Proactive voice messages to customers experiencing power outages.


reduction in inbound calls.

Proactive Notification Features

Automated Voice

Outbound voice notifications with automatic answering machine detection and right party authorization.

One-Way, Two-Way and Agent-Assisted SMS

Send alerts. Let your customers reply. Have conversations with your customers. All possible in multiple languages.

SMS Chatbots

Chatbot “agents” provide customers with intuitive SMS conversations to handle complex transactions. They also “learn” with each new conversation.

Preference Management

Allow customers to configure contact information, message type and delivery preferences for personalized automated interaction.

Campaign Administration

User-friendly dashboard prepares messages for campaigns/blasts, monitors in real time and makes live updates.

800 Services

Uses your existing toll-free number(s) as a way for customers to text your company for service. Ease of use for customers and minimal monthly costs compared to SMS short codes.

Compliance Solutions

Ensures your voice and SMS applications meet constantly changing federal, regional and local guidelines and regulations.

Why Managed Services?

Message Composition

Our message specialists can help you write effective consumer scripts and messages for all aspects of proactive notifications.

Message Composition
Strategies for Customer Opt-In and Adoption

Strategies for Customer Opt-In and Adoption

We work with you to develop strategies that have customers opt in to receive your messages.

Customer Experience Consultation

Our CX design and support methodology help you identify how Proactive Notifications can fit into your larger customer journey and create a tailor-made solution that delivers a differentiated CX across the entire customer life cycle.

Customer Experience Consultation
Compliance and Support

Compliance and Support

We stay informed of regulatory requirements and changes, and we offer solutions that monitor and update your contact database. This reduces your compliance risk and helps you communicate with confidence.

Ongoing Engagement Strategies

Business intelligence experts and customer journey assessments help dissect campaign and customer data to refine campaign strategies and maximize ROI.

Ongoing Engagement Strategies

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Understand cause and effect, relate data to your business goals, refine key performance indicators, and act on recommendations to identify opportunities to close the gaps between your current CX and an ideal one.

  • Conduct data-driven A/B testing
    (Champion Challengers)
  • Contact strategies based on time and location
  • Descriptive data collection and visualization
  • Monitor real-time and historical data
  • Analysis of customer and demographic trends
  • Complex data mining
  • Predictive and prescriptive modeling
  • Statistical analysis and forecasting

Text or call 800.841.9000 for more information from a West Customer Experience Specialist.

Our marketing specialists are available Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. CST.