Reporting Nuisance Calls

Reporting Nuisance Calls

Do Not Call Requests and Reporting Nuisance Calls

In the U.S., telephone numbers are assigned to carriers and Voice over IP (“VoIP”) service providers in large segments called “codes” and “thousands blocks.” Those carriers and providers then assign telephone numbers to their customers, or return unused thousands blocks to the nation’s centralized telephone number administrator for reassignment to other carriers and providers. This system is dynamic, and often results in a telephone number having been assigned to different companies over a period of months. As a result, telephone number searches on the Internet often produce inconsistent and unreliable results.

As a wholesale services provider, West’s Telecom Services assigns telephone numbers to other companies that use those numbers in their businesses. West’s Telecom Services division does not perform outbound telemarketing.

If you are receiving unwanted calls and you want them to stop, there are certain steps that you can take:

Threats: Report to local law enforcement and to your local services provider.

Do Not Call Lists: In addition to notifying your local services provider, list your number on the federal Do Not Call List at, and on your state Do Not Call List (where available) or with your state Office of Attorney General, and file complaints through those resources following their grace periods.

Device Settings: Some newer smartphones and VoIP telephone sets with current software have “block caller” settings; review the device literature or contact the provider for guidance.

If your other efforts fail, and you believe that our company may be the provider of the telephone number from which calls appear to be emanating, please fill out the form below. You may also report this by emailing and provide 1) the calling number, 2) the called number, and 3) your contact information or by calling 469-727-1640. In such instances, we will investigate to determine whether the telephone number is assigned by us to one of our customers or whether it may currently be assigned to another provider. If the telephone number is assigned by us, we will notify our customer and request that it place your number on its do-not-call list. In any instance, we will follow-up with you.

There is a possibility that a telephone number or other information appearing on your Caller-ID may have been “spoofed.” To address this and other situations, please visit the FCC’s website at

Report a Nuisance Call

To request a thorough investigation of your unwanted calls, please fill out the following form completely.
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