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Emergency Routing Service (ERS) US Fact Sheet

Emergency Routing Service (ERS) provides organizations with E9-1-1 call routing to over 5,500 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) across the United States. Using a single SIP or PSTN connection, the ERS ensures that the caller’s location information is delivered to the appropriate PSAP.

Compliance with all E9-1-1 Regulations
Standards-based call routing conforms to all state and FCC regulations, and follows NENA i2 standards, helping organizations to meet or exceed their E9-1-1 obligations.

Largest E9-1-1 Coverage
Provides 100% nationwide 9-1-1 coverage across the US and E9-1-1 access to over 5,500 PSAPs, ensuring reliable emergency service is available to users in all regions.

Superior Network Reliability
With carrier-grade redundant data centers and 100% up-time since 2005, the ERS delivers continuous E9-1-1 call routing service 24/7/365.

National ALI Database
Serves as a central repository for all user records and offers advanced realtime provisioning capabilities.

MSAG Validation
Locations are pre-validated using the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) and any errors are automatically returned in real-time, along with suggested alternatives. This ensures locations are civic-valid and properly formatted to display at the PSAP.

Security Desk Routing and Notification
Delivers 9-1-1 calls and custom email alerts to on-site security personnel, notifying them of the emergency and providing them with the caller’s precise location information.

Simple to Deploy and Manage
Offers quick and easy implementation in as little as 24 hours. The userfriendly web-based management interface includes an administrative Dashboard and SOAP API.

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