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Top 10 Reasons Service Providers Choose West

1. The Largest E9-1-1 Coverage in the Industry
West Safety Services provides E9-1-1 connectivity to over 6,000 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) across the US and Canada. This allows you to deliver E9-1-1 support to subscribers inside and beyond your standard coverage footprint.

2. Compliance with All E9-1-1 Legislation and Standards
West Safety Services’ solutions help you and your customers comply with FCC, CRTC, state, and local E9-1-1 regulations, and avoid legislated fines and other penalties.

3. Proven Compatibility with the Widest Range of Vendors
With more customers than any other E9-1-1 provider, West Safety Services’ solutions are proven to be compatible with the industry’s widest range of VoIP equipment vendors for quick and simple E9-1-1 integration.

4. Easy-to-use E9-1-1 Provisioning Tools
West Safety Services makes provisioning easy. Records can be uploaded via batch file or a custom SOAP/XML interface, and are processed in real-time. With the industry’s lowest percentage of address validation rejections and no-charge error correction, West ensures record provisioning is hassle-free.

5. World-class, Personalized Service and Support
With an expert understanding of emergency calling for IP telephony, West Safety Services’ professional services team can help you with even the most complex E9-1-1 problems. Additional online support is available via West’s Technical Support Center, where troubleshooting tips, a 24/7/365 emergency number and email/web support are only a click away.

6. Superior Network Reliability
West Safety Services provides continuous E9-1-1 call routing service 24/7/365 over a geo-redundant network with no single point of failure. Our reliable network infrastructure is built to the high standards necessary for emergency services.

7. Efficient and Accurate Solution Deployment
West Safety Services provides step-by-step support during the sales, implementation, testing, and maintenance phases. This helps service providers deploy their E9-1-1 solution accurately and efficiently, within the shortest time frame possible.

8. Cost-Effective Solutions for All Service Providers
West Safety Services’ competitive pricing structure ensures cost-effective E9-1-1 support is available for organizations of all types and sizes, including hosted multi-tenant VoIP, UC as a service, residential VoIP, SIP trunking, VRS/TTS, telematics, and call center providers.

9. Powerful Reporting and Monitoring Tools
West Safety Services makes comprehensive reporting and monitoring tools available to you and your customers via an intuitive, user-friendly Dashboard. These tools include call recordings, call detail records and more.

10. Support for the Most Complex Deployments
West Safety Services has implemented its E9-1-1 solutions in many challenging network deployments across North America. Rest assured that West has an E9-1-1 solution to meet the unique requirements of your customers with complex networks.

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