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E911 for Telematics Call Centers: MyAssist Case Study

MyAssist, a live-agent call center offering personal assistance, concierge and telematics services for individuals and enterprises, needed a unique E911 solution that could help them meet their clients’ emergency needs.

The types of calls MyAssist receives for personal assistance can range from finding a particular pair of shoes, to reserving concert tickets, to requiring access to 911 services. To offer their user base quick and efficient 911 service, MyAssist needed to find a solution that would facilitate the transfer of emergency calls to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) while integrating seamlessly with their proprietary technology.

Read the following E911 case study, MyAssist, to learn more about West’s E911 solution for telematics call centers that helped MyAssist stay ahead of traditional concierge services.

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