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SchoolMessenger CustomApp: Alamo Heights ISD, Texas

Thanks to SchoolMessenger CustomApp, Alamo Heights is helping everyone from PTO members to alumni stay connected. “The app makes it so much easier for people to access district information,” Pawlik-Perales said. “With the staff directory, parents can just call staff directly instead of calling the school. Also, some people don’t want to have their own Facebook and Twitter account, so they like that they can go to the app and get the latest news from the district.”

Perhaps most importantly, Pawlik-Perales uses the district’s SchoolMessenger CustomApp to discover what people really care about. For example, parents and alumni love the sports section of the app. “It keeps them connected and they communicate that back to us, which allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of what our community wants or needs,” she said. “We try to be in as many places as we can with updated information. The app is one more tool we can use to communicate with parents.”

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