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CBTS Partner Case Study

When a large, multinational organization (the Customer) issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a centralized IP phone system for their US operations, CBTS knew they had the experience, expertise, and strong partnerships necessary to deliver. They also knew that, given the size of the proposed deployment, the Customer would need a cutting-edge E9-1-1 solution that could meet their requirements:

  • Automatically keep track of the location of 25,000 IP phones.
  • Ensure on-site personnel are notified of an emergency.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Avaya’s advanced Aura architecture.

CBTS selected West to provide the E9-1-1 solution for this deployment. They knew that we had experience implementing E9-1-1 solutions in North America’s largest and most complex Avaya environments, and offered the robust technology and feature set necessary to meet the Customer’s needs. After evaluating the different E9-1-1 solutions, CBTS determined that West Safety Services’ Emergency Gateway (EGW) appliance and Desk Alert screen pop application were the best solutions for the Customer.

The Emergency Gateway (EGW) Automatic IP Phone Tracking
The EGW appliance was deployed at the Customer to automate and simplifiy E9-1-1 management. This provided automatic IP phone tracking, on-site security notifications, and more.

Based on the Customer’s network design, Layer 3 discovery was implemented to automatically track IP phone locations by IP subnet. This eliminated the need to manually update location information whenever an endpoint moved on the network. To learn more about automatic phone tracking, look for the Feature Brief.

On-site Security Routing and Notifications
With the EGW, the Customer also received a robust suite of real-time on-site security notification tools to help improve the emergency response. Notifications included the caller’s name, call-back number and detailed location information. Various security desk routing and notification options are available with the EGW, such as:

  • Crisis Email Alerts
  • Three-Way Call Monitoring with PSAPs

In addition to the EGW, the Customer implemented our Desk Alert application on their security desk workstations. Desk Alert provides security personnel with instant notification of all emergency situations with a screen pop that automatically appears when 9-1-1 is dialed. The screen pop includes the caller’s up to date location information as well as a URL link to additional location specific information (e.g. floor map, IP camera feed). To learn more about Desk Alert and how it works, look for the Desk Alert Data Sheet.

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