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HCCA selected 911 Enable’s enterprise E911 solution, comprised of the Emergency Gateway (EGW) and the Emergency Routing Service (ERS), to address their E911 challenges.

The EGW is an on-site appliance that automatically tracks IP phones on the network. The EGW’s user-friendly adminstrative Dashboard makes adding, deleting or changing additional ERLs simple and easy, and these locations can be provisioned to the level of granularity required (i.e. floor, room level). The ERS is a hosted subscription service that routes 911 calls and location information to the appropriate local PSAP. It provides E911 coverage across the US, to ensure every 911 call reaches the appropriate PSAP in times of crisis.

Granular Location Provisioning:
The ERS allows locations to be provisioned to the level each school requires. Some require that locations are defined on a per building level. Others require that each floor within the school is defined as a separate location. Others still require that locations are defined to the room level. When 911 is dialed, the PSAP is provided with location details to the level of granularity specified by each school.

Nationwide E911 Call Routing:
With E911 connectivity to over 5,500 PSAPs across the US, the 911 Enable ERS provides all HCCA school locations and off-site employees with accurate E911 call routing. When 911 is dialed from any HCCA location, the CUCM forwards the call to the EGW. The EGW determines the accurate location of the caller based on the phone’s IP address, and sends the call and location information to the ERS. The ERS then uses the call data sent by the EGW to determine the correct PSAP, and routes the call accordingly. The caller’s correct location and callback number are automatically displayed on the PSAP dispatcher’s screen.

Automatic IP Phone Discovery:
Whenever an IP phone registers on HCCA’s network, its location is automatically discovered by the EGW, using layer 3 (subnet-based) tracking. This feature provides HCCA’s users with the flexibility to take their IP phones anywhere on the network and maintain accurate E911 service without needing to engage telephony administrators.

Support for Off-Site Employees:
The EGW includes a Remote Location Manager (RLM) application that allows off-site employees to update their locations in real-time directly from their Cisco softphones. This ensures that emergency calls from off-site employees will be routed to the appropriate PSAP with the correct location information.

Crisis Alert Emails:
When 911 is dialed from a phone on the network, the EGW sends a notification email to a designated distribution list. The email contains the caller’s precise location information and a 10-digit callback number, in case the 911 call is dropped. HCCA has specified its distribution lists by ERL, which ensures that the appropriate personnel at each school or location are made aware of every emergency situation.

Call Recording:
Call recording is included in the EGW’s suite of reporting and monitoring tools. This feature allows HCCA administrators to access and review all emergency calls placed on the network.


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