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Wonderware selected West’s enterprise E9-1-1 solution, comprised of the Emergency Gateway (EGW), the Emergency Routing Service (ERS), and Desk Alert, to address their E9-1-1 challenges.

• The Emergency Routing Service (ERS)
The ERS is a monthly subscription service that provides nationwide connectivity to PSAPs across the US.

• The Emergency Gateway (EGW)
The EGW is an on-site appliance that delivers 9-1-1 calls and location information to the Emergency Routing Service. It includes automatic IP phone discovery, onsite security notification, and call recording features.

• Desk Alert
Desk Alert is a software application installed on the security desk workstation. When 9-1-1 is dialed, a pop-up screen instantly appears on the security desk workstation monitor, notifying security personnel of all emergency calls in progress, and providing accurate location information for the distressed caller.

Automatic IP Phone Tracking
Whenever an IP phone registers with Wonderware’s ACM, its location is automatically discovered by the EGW, using either layer 3 or layer 2 tracking. Automatic IP phone tracking allows Wonderware’s users to take their IP phones anywhere on the network and maintain accurate E9-1-1 service without needing to engage telephony administrators.

• Layer 3 Tracking
Layer 3 tracking associates ERLs to specific IP subnets. Wonderware has implemented layer 3 tracking in its locations where IP subnets correspond to a single floor.

• Layer 2 Tracking
Layer 2 tracking associates ERLs to specific switches and switch ports. Wonderware has implemented layer 2 tracking in its locations where IP subnets are larger than a single floor.

Nationwide E9-1-1 Call Routing
With E9-1-1 connectivity to over 5,500 PSAPs across the US, the ERS provides accurate E9-1-1 call routing for the entire deployment using only a single SIP connection. When 9-1-1 is dialed from any Wonderware location, the ACM forwards the call to the EGW. The EGW determines the accurate location of the caller based on the phone’s IP or MAC address, and sends the call and location information to the ERS. The ERS then uses the call data sent by the EGW to determine the correct PSAP, and routes the call accordingly. The caller’s correct location and callback number are automatically displayed on the PSAP dispatcher’s screen.

Granular Location Provisioning
With headquarters and branch offices that include several multi-storey buildings, Wonderware required to ability to provision ERLs to the floor level. This ensures that when 9-1-1 is dialed, the PSAP is provided with sufficiently detailed location information so emergency responders can quickly locate the distressed caller when they arrive on-scene.

Support for Work-at-Home Employees
The EGW includes a Remote Location Manager (RLM) application that allows work-at-home employees to update their locations in real-time directly from their Avaya IP phones. This ensures that emergency calls from these employees will be routed to the appropriate PSAP with the correct location information.

Desk Alert Security Notification
Whenever an employee dials 9-1-1 on the network, the Desk Alert Application causes a pop-up screen to appear on the security desk workstation monitor. The pop-up notification contains the caller’s name, phone number, location information, and an optional URL link which can provide additional locationspecific information. This information alerts Wonderware security personnel to the emergency situation and allows them to respond immediately and/or assist first responders when they arrive on scene.

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