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Lynn University

Lynn University selected West’s enterprise E9-1-1 solution, comprised of the Emergency Routing Service (ERS) and the Emergency Gateway (EGW), to address their E9-1-1 challenges.

The Emergency Routing Service (ERS)
The ERS is a monthly subscription service that delivers 9-1-1 calls and location information to PSAPs across the US.

The Emergency Gateway (EGW)
The EGW is an on-site appliance that automates and simplifies E9-1-1 management. It includes automatic IP phone discovery, support for extension mobility/shared line appearance, and on-site security notification and call routing features.

Granular Location Provisioning
ERS allows LU to provision their locations to the level of granularity they require. Some locations only needed to be defined to the building level, whereas others needed to be defined to the floor or room level. The ability to provision locations to the level of granularity best-suited to the building ensures emergency responders have the precise information they need to quickly find distressed callers, regardless of their location on campus

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