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A Mobile Strategy for Customer Care

Jil Fisher, VP of Product Management at West Interactive talks about the mobile channel as a critical part of business today.


Everyone understands mobile is a critical part of business today. It's not something that people can ignore. It's something that is part of our lives. And I think the thing that companies are struggling with the most right now is mobile it has to be integrated with their overall customer care strategy and I think that's the tough part.

There's lots of companies out there that can develop mobile apps and are developing mobile apps. They may look good, but are they really being used? Are they really what the customers want? Is it really helping their business? Is it providing the benefits that they think it should and it needs to? Those are some of the things that I think companies are struggling with and something that West certainly can help with, as we understand customer care and all the things that need to happen with customer care in general.

As an example, we're working with a company right now, and we're providing their IVR, their enterprise IVR solution. And they don't have a mobile strategy. They're really struggling with that. They know they need to be in that space, but they're not really sure where to start. So we've sat down with them and talked about some of the functionality that's available currently on the IVR, and what makes sense to put on a mobile device again a smaller screen.

What makes sense from their perspective on what things that they've developed as far as functionality? And we're plotting out a course of what makes sense to launch first, sit back and analyze, make sure that it's being adopted and used, and it's performing the way it needs to perform in the first phases, and then integrating other technologies and abilities in those mobile applications.

At West, we've taken mobile even a step further. We're introducing a new service that will link all of the channels including mobile together. And what I mean by that is a customer, as an example could be on the web trying to schedule an appointment, their cable system is broken or something, and they get interrupted. They have to take their kids to the soccer game. This service will allow them to pick up where they left off.

They can take their mobile device, not while they're driving, while they're at the soccer game, and pick up where they left off on the web channel creating that context awareness that personalized experience for the customers. And if they would need to talk to an agent, all of that contextual information would be passed to the agent. You're creating a very customer friendly, personal experience, a context aware experience. I think customers will really benefit from that.