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CallGuard Hosted Solution

See how CallGuard works to keep customers’ numerical data safe in a contact center environment.


Instructor: How can your business protect your customer's card data when they call your call center? With CallGuard, a PCI compliant payment solution. It's hosted by West and it prevents sensitive information like credit card details and social security numbers from ever entering your contact center environment. We use credit cards every second of every day to pay for goods and services. On the Internet, you wouldn't even dream of giving out your personal information without being on a secure website. Yet millions of people every day give their information over the phone, making call centers a prime target for credit card fraud and identity theft. But not with CallGuard, a ground-breaking solution that secures sensitive information and yet still allows your agents and customers to do business as usual over the phone. Let's see how a typical call plays out using CallGuard. We'll join the call right at the point where the agent needs to collect the customer's credit card details.

Male: I just need to take your card details. For security, can I please ask you to enter these using your telephone's key pad?

Female: Oh, okay. Well, you are going to stay on the line with me, right?

Male: Yes. I'll be right here but I won't get to see or hear any of your information. Don't worry. If you make a mistake, just let me know and we'll start over.

Instructor: The agent web tool is hosted and connected only to their West platform so the details do not come into contact with your networks or processes.

Male: Right. Please enter the full credit card number on the front of your card.

Female: Okay. Hold on.

Instructor: The DTMF tones from the caller's phone are replaced with flat tones. So call recording can continue as normal and your call recording system doesn't need to change at all.

Male: And now, can I take your expiration date?

Female: Sure, just a moment.

Instructor: CallGuard automatically detects the payment card type and adapts to take different CVV security numbers in real time.

Male: Okay. And now can you please enter the three digits security number on the back of your card in the same way?

Instructor: CallGuard stops the card holder data from ever entering your contact center. The card details can't be seen or heard by the agent.

Male: Okay. That's everything. I can see the payment has gone through fine, so you'll get an email confirmation within just a few minutes with the details of your order.

Female: Thanks. That was really easy.

Male: Thank you for your business and have a great day.

Instructor: So there it is. The agent took a payment without ever seeing or hearing any credit card details. With CallGuard, there was no opportunity for the information to be written down or memorized, copied to an email or even seen on a security camera. It can't be stolen or hacked. CallGuard Hosted protects your customers and your brand. We'd like to show you how easy it is to add CallGuard functionality to your call center. So contact us now and speak to one of our specialists. Thanks for watching. CallGuard, as safe as it gets.

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