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Connected Customer Experience Example

Dan Gordon, SVP of strategy and development at West Interactive Services, talks about an example of a customer experience using Web, chat, and phone and how it could be improved with an integrated cross-channel experience.


So here's an example of a connected customer experience. I bought a ski coat recently. And I went to the website and was evaluating different options and jacket options and things like that. I chatted with an agent and she helped me kind of narrow down some different options. And then I called to actually order it a couple days later, and I had to go through the whole experience again and recreate the kind of jacket I wanted in the conversation. And it wasn't necessarily as frustrating, but a much better experience would have been to have that context in a historical conversation in that chat brought back up and say, "Hey Dan, I understand you are looking at A-B-C jacket and you like to ski these kind of conditions and this is a jacket we recommend." I'm still buying that jacket. Even though I went to the website, I chatted with an agent, I called an agent, that's one purchase decision for me, even though sometimes the brands themselves look at it as three different interactions.

West can do a couple different things in that connected customer experience. One, we can help you define what that experience should look like, map against what is actually happening in the customer journey, and then help you create connected channels and connected access points, whether it's our technology or your technology or third-party technology. It's not about the technology and ownership as much as it is about enabling a different customer experience and a connected customer experience, from the outside-in and not the inside-out.