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Context Service Video Use Case


Announcer: Today's customers contact companies using a variety of communication channels: web, mobile apps, social media, SMS text, and phone. The challenge for organizations is how to link communication channels, and make them context-aware to add value to the customer's experience.


Male 1: Nancy, welcome to National Group.

Male 2: Are you calling about your order from yesterday? Please say, "yes" or "no".

Nancy: Yes.

Male 2: Okay, now let's get to your order. Enter or say your first item number one digit at a time.

Male 1: Item number 12345678. How many of this item would you like?

Nancy: Two.

Male 1: That's two. That's $25.67 each. If you have another item number enter it now. You can also say, "complete my order" or "make changes". For more time just say, "one moment".

Nancy: Complete my order.

Male 1: Okay, your total is $51.34 which includes tax and shipping charges to your address. At this point in the call, a payment would be collected if processed. That's it. Thank you for your payment. Here's your order number 29544751801. Again, that's 29544751801. I see your order is immediately available at your nearest National Group store. Would you like to pick up your item? Please say, "yes" or "no".

Nancy: Yes.

Male 1: What else can I help you with?

Announcer: West Connect Contact Service provides a seamless experience for your customers and your customer service agents. Improving customer retention and loyalty as well as increasing revenue, reducing agent time, and contact center costs.