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Prevent Card Data Fraud Across Your Enterprise

A plug-and-play on-premise solution that removes the risk of fraud, by eliminating sensitive numeric data from all areas of your contact center environment including call recordings, agents, networks, databases and processes.


Call Guard is a simple, on-site solution that will help your business become PCI DSS compliant. It prevents sensitive card information from reaching your agents and makes your call recordings fully compliant. In addition, it can be installed and working in just a few minutes. You don't need to make any changes to your existing phone system or call recording equipment, your CRM platform, or your payment provider. In fact, the only need to change is simple. When your agent asks the customer for their card details, they're asked to enter their numbers using their phone's keypad rather than speaking them.

So, how does it work? Let's first look at the Call Guard decoder. This small USB device connects the agent's phone to a computer. It's plug and play, so it is up and running in seconds. During a call, Call Guard listens for DTMF tones when the customer presses buttons on their phone keypad. It translates these tones into numbers which it sends to the computer. The caller directly and securely enters their own card data, and the numbers are masked so they don't appear on the screen. Sensitive card data cannot be seen by your agent. It really is as simple as that. Apart from the way the card numbers are entered, the agent handles the call exactly as they do today.

The second half of the solution is the Call Guard filter. It's a racked-mount device which you install next to your call recorder. Again, it's plug and play. You just need to connect the cables. All calls pass through the Call Guard filter before they reach your call recorder. Just like the decoder, the filter listens to a call waiting for the DTMF tones, which it then replaces with flat tones. These carry no data, so call recording can continue as normal, and that's it. Your call recordings are compliant.

Call Guard is a proven, effective, and economical route to PCI DSS compliance, and it really couldn't be simpler. To find out more, call us or email us today.

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