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Security Risks in Your Call Center

If you take payments or other sensitive data over the phone your company is at risk. 86% of people who pay over the phone say they are worried about having their credit card details stolen.


As consumers, we use our credit cards all the time to pay for goods and services, not just at terminals like this, but via the Internet and over the phone through call centers around the world. The more we use them, the more we worry about security. We all hear stories on the news. In fact, 86% of people who pay over the phone say they're worried about having their credit card details stolen.

If you fail to properly manage your customers' card data and something goes wrong, you risk losing business and doing severe damage to your company's brand, not to mention regulatory fines and losses that could cost your company millions. But despite this very real and dangerous threat, a lot of corporations just don't act. It's like they cross their fingers and hope for the best. Not a wise strategy.

Make no mistake, if your business takes card details and other sensitive data over the phone, then you're at risk, from your call recordings and the data stored on your systems, to a card number written down on a notepad by an agent. Hacking is probably the best known threat, but more and more attacks are coming from dishonest insiders. It takes just one rogue employee, contractor or hacker to devastate your business. Can you afford to be the next headline?

If that one person can access card data in any form you might as well be putting your customers' credit card information on public display. It's as good as shouting it from the rooftops, "Get your free credit card details completely security free!" So, how do you fix it?

Well, that's where CallGuard comes in. CallGuard stops card data from ever being seen or heard by your call center agents, and prevents it from being recorded on your systems. If no one can see it, hear it, or access it in any way, how can they possibly steal it? CallGuard is a simple, fast, and cost effective way of locking down your call center. To learn more about how CallGuard can help you, please visit our website. Thanks for watching.