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West Resources

Let West Manage Your IVR

Cloud-based managed IVR takes the burden and expense out of creating a successful automated experience. Supported by a modern platform, custom applications and a seasoned team, you’ll free resources to focus on your core business objectives.

The West Member Engagement Assessment

Rising healthcare costs, healthcare reform, and a growing individual consumer market is giving rise to many challenges and opportunities for healthcare payers. West’s unique Member Engagement Assessment blends strategic analysis with practical steps and advice to help organizations get on the right path to building and nurturing direct relationships with their members through effective and engaging member experiences.

Patient Access Center Modernization

As healthcare continues to evolve and the focus on population-based approaches intensifies, more and more care will be delivered outside the four walls of hospitals and physicians’ offices. This is driving the need for modern, streamlined communication between patients, providers and care teams. West helps modernize patient access centers in order to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and increase revenue and retention with a focus on patient-centered experiences.

West Engagement Center

West Engagement Center solutions help healthcare organizations activate and engage patients beyond the clinical setting and across the continuum of care. The business of healthcare is evolving quickly, and we believe that organizations that effectively engage patients in meaningful and relevant ways will be the best positioned to reduce costs, improve the quality of care, and optimize the patient experience.


Powerful security technology ino one simple and scalable cloud–based solution.

MaxxConnect IP Trunking

Suite of IP trunking solutions with next–generation IP–based service.

InterCall ECC Lync Edition

Improve global coverage with superior audio quality.


Transform the way employees work, learn and collaborate with video.


Powerful set of tools that put you in total control of call routing across the enterprise.

VoiceMaxx CE

VoiceMaxx CE provides a combination of benefits that improve enterprise collaboration and efficiency.