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Assessing Your Enterprise’s 911 Capabilities

Whenever you make a change to your enterprise communications network, you potentially impact – sometimes critically – your ability to provide 911 support for your users. This document outlines some of the key questions to ask to understand the status of 911 in your enterprise.

End-to-End 911 Solutions for VoIP and Unified Communications

West’s enterprise 911 solutions automate and simplify 911 location management, provide critical situational awareness for your security team, and facilitate nationwide 911 call and caller location delivery for E911 compliance. With flexible configurations, we deliver E911 solutions that are certified and seamlessly integrate with a wide range of voice platforms including Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel (including ShoreTel) and more.

E911 for Education

In an emergency, getting the right information to the right responders is essential. West’s safety solutions help school campuses implement an immediate response and coordinate with public safety for improved outcomes.

E911 for Healthcare

When someone dials 9-1-1, there’s no room for error. We help healthcare organizations identify and share critical data with public safety and internal responders for an efficient and effective emergency response.

West Services and Solutions

West develops technology-enabled communications that change the way we work and improve the way we live. We pioneer new ways to interact, to engage, to execute business processes and transactions. We are a collective effort of enterprise and individuals, of communities and customers, of partnerships and families.

We are the sum of our entire network – the result of brilliant ideas, dedication and the hard work of people who share our vision. We are at the core of a technology and communications engine that is changing the world.

Location Manager Product Brief

Intrado’s Location Manager, deployed as a module of Intrado’s Emergency Routing Service, allows organizations to keep track of mobile softphone users on- and off-site, and get the emergency calls to the right location for emergency assistance dispatching. Hosted in the cloud, Location Manager eliminates the need to purchase and deploy on-site equipment, allowing organizations to minimize the capital expenses associated with their voice networks.

Solving Modern Manufacturing Challenges in the Cloud

Doing business “the way you’ve always done it” isn’t necessarily the best strategy in today’s manufacturing environment. The line between manufacturing and retail has blurred, so digital communication has never been more important.

E911 Solutions for Broadsoft

The world of hosted voice and UC as a Service (UCaaS) is ever-expanding. Now more than ever, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises alike are looking at the cloud as a serious contender to replace their on-premises voice systems. And as options for hosted voice and UCaaS expand, you need to demonstrate the value of your solutions to expand your business.

Natural Disaster Response and Support

West is dedicated to supporting our customers in times of need.

When disaster strikes, we understand that each of our customers may be impacted differently. The rigorous incident management processes described in this document outlines West’s response to our carrier customers in the event of a natural disaster.

GIS 6 Step Process to NG911 Readiness