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Power Metrics Data Sheet


Learn which reporting solution best suits your needs – Power Metrics Basic for PSAPs with nine positions or less or Power Metrics Advanced for larger PSAPs or for region-wide intelligence.

How does your proactive engagement strategy affect CX?

Outbound communication, like sending SMS notifications, is a major factor in creating exceptional customer experiences. Use this checklist to evaluate your proactive engagement strategy and assess the kind of CX it probably provides.

OTT29-1-1 Voice

OTT29-1-1 by Intrado is a hosted solution delivering industry-leading E9-1-1 call routing services for over-the-top (OTT) application providers.

E911 Phase I/II Services

How Connected is Your Organization?

Use this brief survey to discover where your CX is exceeding expectations … and where it may be falling flat. Rank your organizational functions based on six factors:

  • How your customers rate experiences with your brand
  • Organizational functions
  • Proactive engagement strategies
  • Your ecosystem of communication technology
  • Expert data analysis
  • And correlation of CX measures with operations and profitability across the enterprise

Security Desk Routing and Notifications – International

West offers four key security desk routing and notification features for 911 as part of its Emergency Gateway (EGW) appliance: security desk call monitoring, security desk call delivery, email crisis alerts, and automatic screen pops. (more…)

Communications Hub Overview

Giving you one platform to manage all your solutions, Communications Hub is your single source for CX truth. To keep up with today’s customer, enterprises rely on multiple programs, platforms and technology vendors to deliver a variety of communications. But an amalgamation of software makes it difficult to gain a holistic view of a customer’s journey. As a result, companies often struggle to send timely, relevant communications that resonate from channel to channel.

Communications Hub aggregates disparate communications, regardless of technology vendor, to provide a 360-degree view of the customer across every channel.

Connecting with Utility Customers

With an industry benchmark of 68/100, municipal energy and utility (E&U) companies remain among the worst industries for customer happiness. Though every E&U company faces unique challenges, the underlying problem is not being able to create a connected customer experience (CX).

To provide the individualized CX people now demand, company leaders must identify weak spots in their current environment and take a proactive approach to remedy shortcomings.

Compliance Solutions for Voice and Text

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed by Congress in 1991 to, among other things, regulate the use of auto-dialers and prerecorded messages. The act was designed to safeguard consumer privacy. The FCC has clarified text messages are also covered by the TCPA Rules. It is crucial covered entities understand and comply with TCPA.

While managing TCPA compliance can be cumbersome for any company, West offers a number of solutions to confidently satisfy requirements and support your customers, in line with industry best practices.

Insight Survey Overview

As your partner, West not only helps collect customer feedback but also layers it with other data insights. We can determine how best to apply the results to differentiate your customer experience and improve business outcomes.