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Connecting with Utility Customers

With an industry benchmark of 68/100, municipal energy and utility (E&U) companies remain among the worst industries for customer happiness. Though every E&U company faces unique challenges, the underlying problem is not being able to create a connected customer experience (CX).

To provide the individualized CX people now demand, company leaders must identify weak spots in their current environment and take a proactive approach to remedy shortcomings.

Compliance Solutions for Voice and Text

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed by Congress in 1991 to, among other things, regulate the use of auto-dialers and prerecorded messages. The act was designed to safeguard consumer privacy. The FCC has clarified text messages are also covered by the TCPA Rules. It is crucial covered entities understand and comply with TCPA.

While managing TCPA compliance can be cumbersome for any company, West offers a number of solutions to confidently satisfy requirements and support your customers, in line with industry best practices.

Insight Survey Overview

As your partner, West not only helps collect customer feedback but also layers it with other data insights. We can determine how best to apply the results to differentiate your customer experience and improve business outcomes.

IP Phone Tracking for E911

West’s automatic IP phone tracking E911 solution, Emergency Gateway (EGW), helps organizations automate IP phone management to keep user 911 location information accurate and up-to-date. (more…)

Transitional Data Management Services

Power Locate Data Sheet

Power Locate helps call takers identify the location of dropped, abandoned or misrouted calls.

SubTrac Overview

Eliminate uncertainty around substation check-ins and check-outs, and increase control center efficiency. Learn how SubTrac can help your utility monitor and manage field staff presence at substations.

TXT29-1-1 Web Fact Sheet

Hundreds of PSAPs and Carriers across the U.S. have come to rely upon the robust technology of West’s TXT29-1-1® text messaging services.

DID Overview

Learn more about West’s DID solution.

The Dynamic Future of Customer Service: How Machine Learning Will (Finally) Make Business Personal

Business analytics and specifically, machine learning, are turning the proverbial “dating” game between businesses and consumers on its head. So what steps can your brand take to stay ahead?

This article by Greg Ablett appeared on Data Informed’s web page.