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Tune Up Your IVR

Just like your car, your IVR solution needs regular checkups to ensure that it continues performing optimally. Here are some quick tips for basic IVR tune-up and to provide your customers a highly-intuitive, automated experience.

Where to Turn When an IVR System Isn’t Helping Your Customers

When an IVR system shows a rise in callers failing at prompts and transferring to an agent, speech recognition often gets the blame. Three usual suspects all-too-often mask common IVR struggles as speech problems.

4 Proven Ways to Reduce Repeat Callers and Overcome Poor First Contact Resolution

While repeat callers and poor first contact resolution can often be an organizational headache, their causes can actually serve as a wellspring of valuable insights into customer pain points and opportunities for growth.

Get Customers to Love Self-Service in 4 Steps

Encouraging self-service is a major element in delivering a more connected customer experience. Leverage these four steps to start reducing organizational costs, increasing multi-channel efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

Best Practices for Self-Service Identification & Verification

The more you can confirm about a customer from the get-go, the more trust you build, and the faster they’ll reveal their intent. In the IVR, this is known as identification and verification (IDV), and it acts as the first impression for every caller.

5 Quick Takeaways for a Better Multi-Channel Customer Experience

In today’s mobile world, customers not only crave intuitive communication with brands — they demand it. Companies in every industry are finding that to deliver on this demand, they must successfully orchestrate interactions across multiple channels at once.

5 Easy Ways to Immediately Improve Your IVR

IVR remains a central pillar in delivering effective customer support — even on smartphones. Because the phone call isn’t disappearing anytime soon, it’s just as important as ever to ask: What makes a good IVR system?

Power Station GEN3 Fact Sheet

Power Station GEN3’s innovative hardware configuration eliminates big iron in the backroom. The newly extended chassis accepts new, longer C Blade cards, replacing traditional backroom servers.

Where to Begin: Getting Proactive with Your Customers

Increase customer satisfaction by creating moments of delight and staying ahead of customer needs. Save time and last-minute emergency effort by predicting common issues before they arise and help avoid unnecessary headaches.

Determining Where Proactive Communications Fit in Your Business

When it comes to delivering modern customer support, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy. Consumer expectations are constantly evolving and channels that work well for one brand may not jibe for another.