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West Resources

E911 for IT Resellers: Global Technology Resources Inc. Case Study

Global Technology Resources Inc. (GTRI), an IT reseller, collaborated with West to offer their customers a resilient, reliable E911 solution that is at the forefront of the industry, and that could provide the capabilities that today’s organizations require. (more…)

Hamilton County, OH Case Study

West’s Safety Services (formerly Intrado) TXT29-1-1 allows Hamilton County, Ohio, to service citizens better.


The Hamilton County, Ohio, 9-1-1 Communications Center wanted to better meet the needs and the expectations of their citizens when emergency assistance was necessary.


West’s Safety Services (formerly Intrado) TXT29-1-1 provided the Hamilton County Communications Center with the ability to process short message service (SMS) text messages in the same manner as voice calls without the need for additional monitors, keyboards and mice.


Shortly after implementation, Hamilton County 9-1-1 was able to accept a text-generated request for assistance from a 13-year-old girl who was contemplating self-harm.

Black Hawk County Case Study

9-1-1 Text Messaging Helps Save Lives in Black Hawk County

When it comes to the safety of its citizens, the Black Hawk Consolidated Public Safety Communications Center (Black Hawk 9-1-1 Center) in Waterloo, Iowa does not hesitate to implement new life-saving technology. In August of 2009, Black Hawk became the first Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the nation to successfully implement three-digit, 9-1-1 text messaging capability with West’s Safety Services (formerly Intrado) Advanced 9-1-1 (A9-1-1) TXT29-1-1 service.

Powering Cloud-based Communication with WSO2

West delivers omni-channel customer communications via cloud platform powered by WSO2 middleware

Healthcare Heads to the Cloud for Collaboration

Collaboration in healthcare is vital to promoting agility and maintaining accuracy. With Unified Communications, you can improve collaboration and ultimately, provide improved patient care.

Driving Text Adoption for Stanford Health Care

West helps Stanford Health Care drive Opt-Ins for text appointment messages, resulting in increased confirmation rates among patients who prefer text communications.

National Health Plan Extends Outreach after Improving Data Quality with West SmartAppend®

One of the nation’s largest health plans recently turned to West’s SmartAppend database management service before beginning a phone-based outreach campaign consisting of women’s health reminders. SmartAppend has helped many organizations update their records by not only refreshing existing data but also finding new data to add to a database.

Patient Preference for Text Drives Overall Engagement for Vanderbilt

By offering to remind patients of upcoming appointments via text message rather than a phone call, Vanderbilt Medical Center has proven that communication through patients’ preferred channels can increase response rates.

Utah Spine Care Uses West to Increase Adoption of Online Patient Portal

Shortly after adopting an online patient portal in December 2009, Tina Carney, EMR Administrator for Utah Spine Care, was tasked with manually calling each patient two weeks prior to their appointment, encouraging them to complete pre-registration materials online. While excited to have patients begin using the new technology, Carney now struggled to complete a daily calling list of 10-15 patients who needed to be notified about the portal.

Sentara Healthcare Uses Automated Notifications to Reach Out to Patients In Need of Preventive Services

One of the challenges facing healthcare organizations is how to leverage technology to improve the quality of care they deliver. Specific to communication technology, the question remains, “What is the most effective way to connect with patients?” Sentara Healthcare found an answer.