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Reduce Call Center Volume from these 5 Customer Types

There are five types of customers calling your contact center. You need to provide each with a great customer experience (CX) while you reduce call center volume and increase profitability. Meet all of your goals — no matter what kind of customer is calling — with Proactive Notifications from West, a managed services provider.

Outbound messaging, like SMS notifications, have helped businesses in all industries — from financial to travel to pharmaceutical — cut costs, reduce inbound call volume, increase revenue and improve CX. So check out this infographic to see a few success stories and learn how you can do the same.

Transitional Care Management: The Case for Incorporating Automated Patient Communications

Medicare’s billing codes for Transitional Care Management (99495/99496) highlight the importance of timely post-discharge contact with patients by provider offices, and timely face-to-face follow up and evaluation by TCM providers. Incorporating automated patient communications can facilitate efficient and effective handoffs, and support a consistent track of care to help providers earn TCM reimbursements and avoid hospital readmission penalties.

3 Things You Need to Know about AHJs

Download this document to learn about three crucial pieces of knowledge about Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJ) for the alarm and public safety industries.

West Healthcare – Care Coordination: Provider and Patient Impact

The National Quality Forum defines care coordination as “a function that helps ensure that the patient’s needs and preferences for health services and information sharing across
people, functions, and sites are met over time.”

Providers that engage in care coordination are more efficient, more trusted, and experience far less wasteful spending. Patients are better informed of their care plans, have lower hospital readmission rates, and receive higher quality care at a lower cost. Contact West to learn how Clinically Managed Services can help you.

Voice Customer Service 101

3 in 5 people expect to be able to call for customer service. See the best solutions for customer inquiries.

Social Media Customer Service 101

17% of people expect to be able to use social media for customer service inquiries.  See the best solutions for customer service engagement.

Text/SMS Customer Service 101

Engagement rates with SMS messages are 6-8 times higher than those of proactive email communications.  See the best solutions for using SMS for customer service.

Email Customer Service 101

3 out of 5 people expect to be able to use email for customer service inquiries. See the best solutions for responding to customer questions.

How Brands Are Winning Big with Speech

See how customers in the Airline, Retail, Financial Services, Cable and Telecommunications industries are winning with Speech and Natural Language (NL) enabled IVRs.

How Your Devices Learn to Talk to You

The basics: how automatic speech recognition (ASR) works.

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