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West Resources

How Your Devices Learn to Talk to You

The basics: how automatic speech recognition (ASR) works.

Give Your IVR A Boost Using West’s Best Practices

See how you can

  • Boost your identification and verification
  • Decrease repeat callers
  • Boost self-service
  • Boost containment

Team Up with West for IVR & Self-Service Success

See how 10 clients just like you save over $73 million per year with these tactical IVR improvements.

West Healthcare Pharma Companies

Connecting and communicating with what doctors want.

Mobile Conferencing

Employees are now connecting from a variety of places through mobile conferencing. View this infographic to see the most unique places people are taking mobile calls.

Small Business Work Life Balance

Conferencing solutions are redefining small business owners work-life balances. View this infographic to see the impact.