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AVOKE Analytics: Customer Experience Optimization

AVOKE Customer Experience Optimization – Teaser

What Does 911 Mean to You?

Find out what 911 means personally and professionally to the people behind the scenes at West’s Safety Services.

9-1-1 Wireless Location: What Can We Learn from Starbucks®?

Can 9-1-1 steal a page or two from the Starbucks and Uber playbooks? West’s VP of Technology, John Snapp, explains how commercial location technologies can deliver a wireless 9-1-1 caller’s location to public safety faster.

How Does 9-1-1 Use a Wireless Caller’s Location?

John Snapp, VP of Technology at West’s Safety Services, discusses how 9-1-1 uses a wireless caller’s location.

9-1-1 Wireless Location: Locate Before Route

A better location delivered faster saves lives. John Snapp, VP of Technology at West’s Safety Services explains how locate before route helps carriers more accurately route E9-1-1 calls to public safety.

9-1-1 Wireless Location: WiFi and Beacons

If you call 9-1-1 from inside your house using your cell phone, John Snapp, VP of Technology, says these nearby devices may tell public safety where to find you.

9-1-1 Wireless Location: Associated Address

You spend most of your day at the same locations: home, office, school, etc. John Snapp, VP of Technology, explains how associated addresses can help find you if you call 9-1-1 from a mobile device.

Introduction to ERL

Take a tour of Emergency Response Link, an AHJ contact data solution for security and alarm monitoring centers.

Context Service Video Use Case