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What Does 911 Mean to You?

Find out what 911 means personally and professionally to the people behind the scenes at West’s Safety Services.

9-1-1 Wireless Location: What Can We Learn from Starbucks®?

Can 9-1-1 steal a page or two from the Starbucks and Uber playbooks? West’s VP of Technology, John Snapp, explains how commercial location technologies can deliver a wireless 9-1-1 caller’s location to public safety faster.

How Does 9-1-1 Use a Wireless Caller’s Location?

John Snapp, VP of Technology at West’s Safety Services, discusses how 9-1-1 uses a wireless caller’s location.

9-1-1 Wireless Location: Locate Before Route

A better location delivered faster saves lives. John Snapp, VP of Technology at West’s Safety Services explains how locate before route helps carriers more accurately route E9-1-1 calls to public safety.

9-1-1 Wireless Location: WiFi and Beacons

If you call 9-1-1 from inside your house using your cell phone, John Snapp, VP of Technology, says these nearby devices may tell public safety where to find you.

9-1-1 Wireless Location: Associated Address

You spend most of your day at the same locations: home, office, school, etc. John Snapp, VP of Technology, explains how associated addresses can help find you if you call 9-1-1 from a mobile device.

Introduction to ERL

Take a tour of Emergency Response Link, an AHJ contact data solution for security and alarm monitoring centers.

Context Service Video Use Case

Why West? A Better Contact Center

Cloud Contact Center provides all of the technology you need in a new or upgraded contact center solution. More importantly, West provides all of the experience and expertise you need in a provider. See how you can put our experience and expertise to work for your contact center.

Location Performance Management Demo

This demo dives into Location Performance Management provided by West Safety Services with a basic overview of features and functionality.

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