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West Resources

Why West? A Better Contact Center

Cloud Contact Center provides all of the technology you need in a new or upgraded contact center solution. More importantly, West provides all of the experience and expertise you need in a provider. See how you can put our experience and expertise to work for your contact center.

Location Performance Management Demo

This demo dives into Location Performance Management provided by West Safety Services with a basic overview of features and functionality.

The Mobile Shift: How to Proactively Deliver a Better Customer Experience

In the midst of a global “digital disruption,” customer expectations and technology continue evolving every second. In this presentation, we will help you create a clear path to delivering results. Dan Gordon explores how leveraging data can help you stay ahead of your customers and provide a few key best practices to reach them on their own terms.

Demo: Evolution of Text Messaging & SMS Assistant

Great proactive communication strategies don’t stop at one-way blast notifications. Watch this demo of SMS Assistant and SMS Natural Language to see how you can easily, naturally and effectively engage customers in a mobile world.

Using Data to Improve Customer Experience

Watch this webcast recording as Dan Gordon, SVP Strategy & Development, presents “Every Step of the Way – Using Data to Improve CX” at the CRMXchange Virtual Conference – March 23, 2016

West Healthcare – Chronic Care Management: Bringing Scale and Capacity to Patient Engagement

Watch how West Corporation combines Technology Enabled Communication with Clinically Managed Services to help healthcare organizations drive more effective care coordination for patients with chronic conditions.

The Art of the Possible: Engaging the Retail Pharmacy Consumer

See the “the art of the possible” when it comes to engaging and activating retail pharmacy consumers toward better health outcomes and learn strategies for improving star ratings, maximizing reimbursements and building deeper, more profitable consumer relationships.

A Mobile Strategy for Customer Care

Jil Fisher, VP of Product Management at West Interactive talks about the mobile channel as a critical part of business today.

Multichannel Customer Care in the Communications Industry

Peter Wulfraat, VP at West Interactive Services, talks about how consumers expectations are evolving, and how companies might better bridge the gap to provide services in consumers’ channel of choice.

Connected Customer Experience Example

Dan Gordon, SVP of strategy and development at West Interactive Services, talks about an example of a customer experience using Web, chat, and phone and how it could be improved with an integrated cross-channel experience.