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Next Generation IVR

Combine traditional IVR services with a visual interface to help users self-serve in real-time. Consumers can interact with voice, Web and SMS channels simultaneously to complete any number of tasks – receive images, type responses, set preferences, verify transactions, make payments, you name it – without having to transfer, disconnect or speak to a live agent.

Experience Connected

We are your customers. Do you know us? Do you know how we think? Do you personalize our experiences? Do you offer solutions that make interaction simple? Do you have what it takes to make us yours for life?

Webcast: Earning Medicare’s New Chronic Care Management Payments – Five Steps to Take Now

Medicare’s new monthly payments for Chronic Care Management (CCM) can improve not only patient outcomes and satisfaction, but provider financial viability and competitiveness as well. In this webcast, you will learn how to estimate their potential CCM revenue, how to use technology and clinical resources to scale up CCM to reach more patients, and how to start delivering CCM benefits to patients and providers by taking five specific steps. Don’t be caught on the sidelines as others put their CCM programs in place.

Healthcare Perspectives: Part 2 on Patient Engagement, Laura Bramschreiber, West Corporation Healthcare Practice

Hear Laura Bramschreiber of the West Corporation Healthcare Practice discuss the impacts of technology-driven consumerism on patient engagement and how organizations can start simply with patient engagement and grow into more complex unified patient engagement strategies, without a massive IT effort.

Healthcare Perspectives: Part 1 on Patient Engagement, Naveen Rao, Chilmark Research

Hear Naveen Rao of Chilmark Research discuss key findings from the Chilmark Research 2014/15 Clinical Patient Engagement Market Trends Report published February 2015.

VoiceMaxx vs. VoiceMaxx CE comparison

Comparison of VoiceMaxx and VoiceMaxx CE solutions for your business.

Virtual Events Overview

Integrate web events into your sales processes for more leads and higher revenue.

Keep Track of Important Meetings with MobileMeet

Start and join conferences fro your iPhone or Android phone with MobileMeet.

Getting Started with Call Manager

Run your conference calls from your desktop or mobile device.

The Connected Customer

Dan Gordon, SVP of strategy and development at West Interactive Services, talks about the value of prioritizing a connected customer experience and outlines five manageable steps brands can take to make it a reality.