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Know me and I will grow with you.

Show me that you know me. Know me and I will grow with you.

Security Risks in Your Call Center

If you take payments or other sensitive data over the phone your company is at risk. 86% of people who pay over the phone say they are worried about having their credit card details stolen.

Social Savvy Customer Engagement

West Social Media Solutions combine one of the industry’s leading cloud-based social media montitoring platforms with 23 years of experience in customer care, and social-savvy engagement associates who respond to your customers in real time.

Multi-Channel Customer Care the West Way

West enables companies to connect, collaborate and communicate with their customers, employees and business partners through simplified solutions that connect people anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Deploying Video Technology to Increase Revenue

How to Join a Conference Call with MobileMeet

Whether you have an InterCall conferencing account to host meetings or you downloaded the app as an invited meeting participant, MobileMeet™ makes joining meetings from any location a seamless experience.

InterCall Unified Meeting 5

InterCall Unified Meeting 5, our meeting and collaboration application, puts you in control of all aspects of your meeting including scheduling, participant management and security.

Engagement Center – Automating the Daily BP Collection Task

TEC for Hypertension is a suite of Engagement Center applications focused on bringing scale and capacity to coordinating the care of hypertensive patients. By automating blood pressure journaling, patients are in control of how they report their BP and Care Coordinators can more effectively manage larger populations of patients.

Engagement Center – Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring

Remote blood pressure monitoring makes it easier to manage hypertension and ensures better adherence to care plans. Information is available in real time so Patients and their Care Coordinators and Physicians can better team to manage toward a path of a happier, healthier life.

Engagement Center – Connecting Patients With Their Care Team

Coordinated care holds tremendous promise for better clinical outcomes. Real-time connections between Patients, their Physicians and Care Coordinator is key to ensuring patients are empowered to make the best choices in support of their health and well being.