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Webinar On-Demand: E911 Support for Microsoft Teams in the Enterprise and Beyond

Webinar On-Demand: Your Enterprise and the FCC’s Adopted Rules on Dispatchable Location and Implementing Kari’s Law

No More Stilted Robotic Conversations: 5 Steps to Smooth Dialogue

An IVR is a great customer service tool, but if all it does is ask a series of questions with one-word answers, any IVR can become incredibly frustrating to use.

Fortunately, there’s a clear solution. Give your IVR a human touch by adding its own persona. Watch this webinar from CRMXchange featuring West’s own Patrick Lindner to see how we’ve incorporated a new persona into a major U.S. cable provider’s customer care strategy.

The Revolution of Wireless 9-1-1 Location Technologies

If companies like Dominos and Uber can find us, why can’t 9-1-1? The challenge of finding wireless 9-1-1 callers is now being met with promising handset-based technologies. These solutions make it possible for carriers to derive a 9-1-1 caller’s location directly from the mobile device and has critical implications for emergency services including better 9-1-1 call routing, faster fix on caller location and faster delivery of critical location information to public safety.

Webinar On-Demand – Mitel Connect OnSite and 911: Enriching Unified Communications with Enterprise Safety Solutions

Mitel Connect OnSite (formerly ShoreTel Connect) offers rich new features to enterprises looking for a powerful yet modular UC architecture. In this interactive on-demand webinar, West’s Lev Deich and Mitel’s Bryan Flandro explain how 911 works, and how enterprise safety solutions can be leveraged to enhance Mitel Connect’s feature set without compromising its user-centric functionality. (more…)

Webinar On-Demand – 911 with Microsoft: Enhancing the 911 Capabilities of Microsoft Skype for Business in the Enterprise

Microsoft’s Intelligent Communications platforms provide enterprises with a new way of looking at Unified Communications. This interactive on-demand webinar, presented by West’s Lev Deich, explains how 911 works in this advanced communications ecosystem, including Skype for Business deployed on-premises and the various ways your enterprise can support emergency calling with the cloud-based Office 365 offering. Lev reviews the rich 911 features enabled by Microsoft, and the powerful enhancements offered by West that unify 911 across your network and round out a complete enterprise safety solution. (more…)

Webinar On-Demand – 911 in Cisco UC Environments: Implementing Enterprise Safety Solutions to Enhance UC Features

As technology evolves, the 911 solutions of the past haven’t kept up.

This on-demand webinar, presented by West’s Lev Deich, shows how you can hit reset and implement 911 to meet your enterprise’s requirements, both today and in the future. Lev demonstrates how West’s 911 technologies can be used to support Cisco-based UC architectures and feature sets – on-premises, cloud-based, or both – and how these solutions can unify 911 across your enterprise while saving your IT team time and money. (more…)

Webinar On-Demand: 911 Policy and the Enterprise: Current E911 Legislation, Trends and Industry Advancements

E911 legislation and the regulatory environment are often referenced as key drivers for enterprise 911, but do you know what they really mean and how they may impact your enterprise?


SMS/Text: What’s Right 4 U?

With 64 percent of people preferring text communication to on-the-phone customer support, texting is no longer a mere alternative to the phone call; it’s the bona fide channel of choice.

What Carriers Need to Know About 911 & VoWiFi