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Webinar On-Demand: The Evolving Enterprise and E911

Unified Communications (UC) technology is enabling unprecedented flexibility in the ways people connect and collaborate. This fundamental shift in how we work has also created a change in how we think about E911, with new technologies emerging to enhance the safety of all enterprise users. Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how West supports the latest UC technologies with our advanced E911 solutions.

You will learn:

  • How the emergence of UC technology affects our traditional understanding of E911
  • The impact of SIP trunks, and how to integrate an enterprise-wide E911 call routing solution
  • How to manage on- and off-site user mobility
  • How desk sharing and hoteling impact E911, and simple solutions to accommodate this type of dynamic work environment
  • How WebMD implemented West’s E911 solutions to keep their enterprise users safe

Who should watch the webinar:

  • Organizations using or planning to deploy UC systems
  • Enterprises in states with Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) E911 regulations
  • Anyone concerned with the safety of their UC users

Webinar On-Demand: Next Gen 911 Emergency Response and its Impact on the Enterprise

Next Generation 911, also referred to as Next Gen 911 or NG911, is an exciting project that enables the transmission of rich, enhanced data between callers and public safety to provide a fuller, more effective emergency response than can be implemented using older 911 technologies. While this new capability is a game changer for the public safety community, we are still learning the myriad ways that Next Gen 911 will enhance the enterprise.

Watch this on-demand webinar for more information about how Next Gen 911 will affect today’s enterprise communication technologies.

You will learn:

  • How to determine caller-location information even in a highly mobile Unified Communications (UC) environment
  • How to harness IoT devices and rich data from the enterprise network
  • How these enhanced data points can already be used internally in the enterprise network to augment the emergency response
  • How enterprise-level data may one day form a part of the Next Gen 911 project
  • How the shift to Next Gen 911 will simplify the enterprise approach to 911, with the retirement of 911 workarounds like Emergency Location Identification Numbers (ELINs) and dedicated local trunks

Who should watch the webinar:

  • Organizations wondering about their role in Next Gen 911
  • Enterprises looking to future-proof their network
  • Anyone wanting to start collecting enhanced data today

Webinar On-Demand: Keeping Campuses Safe with West’s E911 Solutions

Colleges and universities across the country know that keeping their students safe and focused on their studies is critical. Given the expansive nature of campus environments, having a cohesive emergency response strategy can help these institutions ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff, and can enhance the services provided by on-site emergency response personnel.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how E911 and notification solutions from West work in a campus environment to provide emergency response personnel with the data and tools they need to keep everyone safe.

You will learn:

  • The typical challenges to keeping people safe in a campus environment
  • The unique spaces on campus that you need to consider – shared spaces, outdoor areas, and more
  • The ways you can implement and provide room-level location information in an emergency
  • The best practices to implement for on-campus emergency procedures, including situational awareness
  • How you can augment your emergency response with enhanced notifications, rich data, mass notifications and more

 Who should watch the webinar: 

  • Organizations with a sprawling campus environment
  • Institutions with on-site security or designated safety personnel
  • Anyone interested in learning best practices for campus safety

Does Your Contact Center Make or Break the Customer Experience?

Every time a customer interacts with your brand, it adds or subtracts from their overall experience. Your contact center is at the heart of this ongoing customer journey. During this webcast, Dan Gordon helps identify ways to measure contact center success and offers insights into taking customer experiences to the next level.

Excerpt: V9-1-1 for CLECs

V9-1-1 for CLECs helps you meet regional PSAP requirements for 9-1-1 connectivity regardless of where your subscribers are located. Leveraging West’s nationwide footprint, you’ll connect your subscribers to 9-1-1, receive higher call delivery rates and reduce the administrative headaches created by call failures. You can broaden your subscriber services to include mobile, nomadic and outside-of-rate center offerings.

VoIP Services for CLECs

V9-1-1 for CLECs helps you meet regional PSAP requirements for 9-1-1 connectivity regardless of where your subscribers are located. Leveraging West’s nationwide footprint, you’ll connect your subscribers to 9-1-1, receive higher call delivery rates and reduce the administrative headaches created by call failures. You can broaden your subscriber services to include mobile, nomadic and outside-of-rate center offerings.

Webinar On-Demand: Enterprise Wireless UC E911 Survival Guide

Enterprises are deploying wireless, voice-enabled Unified Communications (UC) applications, such as Cisco’s Jabber, to increase productivity and reduce costs.  In the past year, we’ve observed a dramatic increase in UC applications deployed on an array of devices that connect wirelessly to the network. More customers are asking about how to support E911 in these environments, particularly on Bring Your Own Devices (BYODs).

In this on-demand webinar, we explain the complexities of supporting emergency calls for wireless UC devices, and review various solutions, use cases and deployment scenarios that can solve these challenges.

Watch Allan Gaspe, Sales Engineer at West, to understand:

  • The E911 challenges of wireless UC
  • Methods for locating wireless users for E911 purposes
  • The effectiveness and our observations of the various location discovery solutions
  • How to leverage platforms such as Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine (MSE) as an accurate source for location data
  • The role of corporate security in an enterprise emergency
  • E911 issues and solutions for BYOD connecting to wireless access points that are “outside the firewall,” using Cisco Expressway
  • Privacy and security concerns related to user tracking
  • How 911 calls are handled on cellular versus WiFi connections

About the Speaker

Allen Gaspe

Allan Gaspe, Sales Engineer at West

Allan has been at the forefront of defining and bringing industry-leading E911 solutions to market. As the Product Manager for West’s Emergency Gateway (EGW), he managed the initial product launch and subsequent releases.

He has recently transitioned into sales where he serves as a pre-sales consultant. Additionally, he assists with research and development and helps resolve complex technical issues found in the field. Allan also led the team commissioned by Microsoft to build out the E911 functionality native to the Microsoft Lync 2010 release and beyond.

Webinar: “Your Call is Very Important”

As consumerism grows and healthcare evolves towards a more patient-centric delivery model, hospitals and health systems are increasingly viewing the contact center as a key hub of patient engagement and a strategic lever for driving a competitive advantage in an era of increased consumer choice. Cyndy Orrys, Director of Contact Center for Henry Ford, will share how her organization is modernizing their contact center with technologies and approaches that create effortless experiences for patients by quickly and intelligently engaging them with the right information or connecting them to the right resource, regardless of where that resource is located. Brian Cooper, Patient Engagement Strategist from West, will discuss five key characteristics of a modernized contact center, with suggestions on how to get started.

IoT/M2M Communications

Watch this webinar for an educational discussion about Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications and the Internet of Things.

Webinar: Six Communication Best Practices for Reducing Readmissions and Capturing TCM Revenue

Medicare payments for Transition Care Management (TCM) can not only reduce your exposure to hospital readmission penalties and improve patient outcomes, but also provide an important source of revenue in an era of shrinking reimbursements. Attendees will learn about the impacts of readmission penalties on the bottom line, how to estimate potential TCM revenue, as well as discover strategies for balancing automated patient communications with the clinical human touch to optimize clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.