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10 Golden Rules of Outbound Campaigns

If you are considering an investment or have already invested in an automated dialing system for your outbound campaigns, then this guide will serve you well. The right technology, of course, is essential, but to get the most from this investment you also need to ensure your processes are hitting the mark.

We’ve put together these key tips to help ensure your outbound operations achieve success. These are exactly the areas that we would be helping you with at “go-live” and on an ongoing basis thereafter.

The Many Benefits of Modernizing Your Contact Center

Not long ago, if your contact center technology was out-of-date, you had two options: completely upgrade your system or make specific changes that only serve as a temporary fix.

Thankfully, today there is an option that provides all of the features and capabilities you need today while promising seamless and cost-effective upgrades in the future as technology continues to expand. This e-book explains the benefits of modernizing your contact center in the terms that are most important to you and your business — cost, customer experience and future expansion.

Blending Inbound and Outbound Contact Center Strategy

Ensure your contact center provides a better experience for your customers, your agents and your company. Use these eight concepts to blend inbound and outbound contact center strategies into one seamless interaction for your customers.

The 10 New Rules of the Inbound Contact Center

Things have changed in the contact center. No longer is customer experience bound by the limitations of legacy on-premises system capabilities. Instead, new cloud-based solutions offer a much more flexible and agile approach, resulting in a dramatically improved customer experience.

These changes are good news for contact centers, as customers today are more likely to take to the internet than pick up the phone in their attempt to communicate with your business, even if they are looking to complain. Now contact centers can be prepared no matter what the communication channel.

Our ‘new rules’ take account of the new demands of customers and the availability of this new functionality, providing some guidelines on what the best contact centers should be aspiring to in order to delight customers.

7 Major Manufacturing Challenges (And the Communication Solutions That Can Solve Them)

The manufacturing industry has long been a powerful force in the world economy. Manufacturers create the many goods people use every day for business, recreation and to meet their basic needs.

From lawn fertilizer to auto parts, manufacturing makes dreams a reality. The industry has a storied past, and there’s no fear that global manufacturing will suddenly shut down, but changes will impact this sector in one way or another. Doing business “the way you’ve always done it” isn’t the best strategy in the face of new challenges.

The manufacturing industry will survive, but individual companies may rise and fall depending on how they respond to seven major challenges impacting the market today. And believe it or not, the right communication strategy is the key to survival.

Ahead in the Cloud

Moving from a traditional call center environment to a contact center one, in theory, would seem fairly straightforward. But the reality is very different. Legacy IT equipment, lack of properly trained staff, time and resources are just a few of the problems that contact center managers and directors come up against.

IVR Usability Study – Paying a Bill to a Utility Provider

When it comes to differentiating your business, an exceptional customer experience is the holy grail. It’s one of the single most sought-after business enhancements throughout the past decade.

As part of that search, business leaders across all industries have tried new ways to revamp their customer service techniques. But whatever the strategy, the core concept comes down to just one thing. Businesses want to make their service more personal.

Fortunately, that can be done while cutting contact center costs by adding automation with IVR, and the utility industry is no exception.

Proactively Responding to the Mobile Shift Part II: How to Survive in a Cashless Society

In 2016, we created a whitepaper based on reports from leading research firm PwC about the impact of online shopping on the retail industry. From that research, one takeaway stood out: a massive “mobile shift” had begun to develop with the potential to further derail both traditional brick-and-mortar establishments and desktop-based sales strategies.

Now, PwC has released an updated report on buyer behavior, and there’s a new takeaway to consider. The mobile shift is here. Shopping on mobile devices is growing quickly as website sales flatten, and businesses in retail, travel, home services and other industries must consider the new channel of choice if they hope to stay relevant.

When Bad Things Happen: Get Proactive

Despite your best intentions, things don’t always go according to plan. Failing to adequately communicate during emergencies and unexpected events means risking potentially irreversible damage — starting on social media and ending at the bottom line. These situations make timely and helpful communication more important than ever.

Unfortunately, moments like these also create the most stress, making it difficult to quickly pull together a rational response. Walk through this communication kit whenever bad things happen to make sure you cover all your bases, contact the right people and send the most relevant content.

4 Reasons Customers Call – and How to Reduce with SMS

Contact center agents are responsible for creating a good first impression every time they pick up the phone. That means it’s worth keeping a heavily staffed, well-paid contact center. Still, those calls cost time and money.

There are many reasons a customer may choose to call your contact center. Fortunately, there are a few options to reduce call volume and let agents focus on the most important matters. Here are four common customer complaints and you can use SMS to resolve them.

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