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Converting Customer Experience Into Revenue

Since the dawn of commerce, we’ve known that good customer service means good business. Making life easier for your customers and creating satisfaction gives you an edge over your competitors.

This report uses research conducted with 1,000 consumers to investigate the entire consumer buying cycle. It explores pain points in that journey and provides critical insights into how to address them. So check out these six steps to start converting great experiences into revenue.

Proactively Responding to the Mobile Shift

In the last 15 years, Amazon has grown from $1 billion in sales to a $90 billion plus company. During that same period, some well-known brick and mortar retailers that had more than $40 billion in sales 15 years ago have seen revenues drop by more than 75 percent.

At the heart of this shift is digital disruption, changing the market as we know it forever. Find out how you can proactively respond to the mobile shift and deliver better customer experiences.

The Future of Voice Interactions

As a leader in voice interactions for 30 years, West is often asked, “Is interactive voice response (IVR) going away – or at least being minimized by other channels?” The short answer is “no,” but it is definitely evolving. Voice is still an important piece of exceptional customer experiences. Learn more about familiar and emerging technologies that can bring voice interactions across channels.

The Future of Customer Experience Lifecycle Management for Healthcare, Part 2

In Part I of The Future of Customer Experience Lifecycle Management for Healthcare, we examined the need for healthcare organizations to create a continuous interactive customer experience to build lifelong relationships with their customers.

Part II is a detailed analysis of where healthcare organizations may find themselves today along the maturity curve for Customer Experience Lifecycle Management (CXLM). It also examines the challenges inherent in making the leap from each stage to the next, and the solutions needed for healthcare organizations to successfully connect interactions throughout the patient’s journey – a journey that ultimately should increase patient satisfaction, decrease leakage, improve health outcomes, and increase revenue for hospitals, physician groups, health systems, insurers and retail pharmacies.

The Future of Customer Experience Lifecycle Management for Healthcare, Part 1

There is a new urgency for healthcare organizations to adopt commercial strategies around customer experience to accommodate the changing needs of healthcare consumers. Consumers have begun to demand a healthcare experience that is personalized, multichannel and interactive, akin to proactive engagement from vendors in other professional services categories such as banking or telecommunications. As these commercial vendors raise their level of service, consumers are beginning to demand an analogous experience in the healthcare market.

CX Marks the Spot: What Consumers Expect from Brand Communication

West surveyed more than 500 U.S. consumers to understand how they define high quality CX, gauge how communication preferences shift across self-service and proactive interactions, and identify which industries are leading and lagging in CX delivery. Download this white paper for critical business insights.

E911 RFP Prep Guide

Your team has been tasked with procuring an E911 solution that will keep your enterprise safe. Where do you start? What information do you need to select the right E911 solution and provider?

Our E911 RFP Prep Guide will help you provide the right information and ask the right question in your RFP, so you can gather the information you need to select the right 911 solution for your enterprise.

For example, to receive accurate responses, your RFP will need to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the elements that make up your network infrastructure?
  • Do you need to support any teleworkers? If so, what type of devices do they use?
  • Does your enterprise need to comply with any state legislation?
  • Do you know the type of environment you are implementing E911 in, and how 911 might affect it?

Our complete E911 RFP Prep Guide will help you prepare a well-researched and comprehensive RFP, which is invaluable when selecting an E911 solution for your organization.

Download the guide for additional insights on:

  • Key criteria to help you differentiate between E911 solution offerings.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when evaluating E911 RFP responses.

Proactive Communications: Helping Customers Weather the Storm

When severe weather comes rolling in, customers have little patience for service interruptions and expect outstanding customer service. Utilities are in a unique position to exceed these expectations in an industry where their offerings are not only seen as assets, but everyday “must haves.” Leverage this “storm kit” to immediately boost communications before, during and after a storm.

Selecting an SMS Provider That Meets Your Business Needs

Proactive communication strategies are key in keeping up with consumers’ on-the-move lifestyles, but a variety of factors can make them a real business headache if you aren’t careful. Ensure you have a firm understanding of the relationships behind your SMS/text messages.

How Retail Pharmacies Can Leverage Technology to Meet the Goals of the Triple Aim

This white paper will explore the current business challenges for retail pharmacies, and their opportunities to overcome these hurdles while contributing meaningfully to the goals of the Triple Aim. The paper will describe pharmacies’ current deficits and explore the need for advanced communications tools to leverage pharmacies’ unique domain expertise both in medication adherence and in retail operations. Finally, the paper will outline the specific capabilities retail pharmacies need to bridge the gap to meet current and future healthcare challenges.

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