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Addressing E911 with SIP Trunking

Using SIP trunking with “traditional” E911 solutions can pose technical challenges.

The three key E911 challenges organizations face when installing SIP trunks are:

  1. Centralized trunking eliminates access to local selective routers, thereby disrupting Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) connectivity;
  2. Traditional work-arounds such as local trunk/PS-ALI solutions are counter-intuitive to the strategy of SIP trunking, requiring the local infrastructure and administration that SIP trunks were deployed to eliminate; and
  3. Most SIP trunking providers do not include an adequate E911 SIP trunking solution as part of their offering.

The following white paper, At-A-Glance: Addressing E911 with SIP Trunking, outlines the main E911 challenges organizations face with SIP trunking. Read on to find out how these issues can easily be addressed with the right E911 solution.

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