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E911 for Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Enterprises are required to provide their users with E911 service, and awareness around E911 challenges posed by Unified Communications (UC) is growing. The use of UC technologies in the enterprise, which centralize voice infrastructure and provide greater communication flexibility, can break the physical association of phones to locations.

What’s the Problem?

Let’s assume that an enterprise has deployed a single Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) system, located at its company headquarters. This system supports the users on-site at headquarters, but also provides voice connectivity for employees at branch offices and those working from home or remote locations. When a user dials 911, the enterprise doesn’t necessarily know from which of these locations the call is coming, to which Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) they should connect the caller, and how to make that connection. In fact, the enterprise likely doesn’t even know that someone within the enterprise called 911.

Enterprises that neglect to adequately address these issues face regulatory and liability risks.

We have the Solution

West helps enterprises avoid these risks and enhance their UC implementation with field-tested solutions that seamlessly integrate with Cisco UCM. Download the E911 Solutions for Cisco Unified Communications Manager brief to learn more.