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Emergency Gateway (EGW) Fact Sheet

Simplify and Optimize the Management of 9-1-1. Safeguard Your Users.

Emergency Gateway (EGW) is an on-site appliance that streamlines E9-1-1 management. It ensures that your IP phone locations are updated and current and notifies on-site security personnel any time 9-1-1 is dialed from within your enterprise. EGW helps you protect your increasingly mobile end-users while ensuring you meet E9-1-1 regulatory obligations with confidence.

With EGW deployed as hardware or virtualized appliance, you can:

Automatically Track IP Phones
Easily track and assign locations to IP hard phones, soft phones and wireless phones as they move on your corporate network (using layer 2, layer 3 or wireless LAN tracking)

Support Remote Employees
Enable real-time location updates for off-campus users and teleworkers– directly from their IP phones.

Manage User and Phone Mobility
Ensure accurate, uninterrupted E9-1-1 service availability for employees who move IP phones between locations, share line appearances between multiple devices or log into IP phones on the fly.

Alert Your Security Team
Instantly trigger 9-1-1 call notifications and custom emails to security personnel along with the caller’s precise location information.

Additional Features
Improve performance and ease administration using advanced E9-1-1 call management and reporting features such as misdial protection and call recording. EGW has been deployed across a variety of complex networks worldwide.

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