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IP Phone Tracking for E911

West’s automatic IP phone tracking E911 solution, Emergency Gateway (EGW), helps organizations automate IP phone management to keep user 911 location information accurate and up-to-date.

To enable the automatic tracking of IP phones for E911, enterprises can divide their locations into smaller geographic zones (building, floor, room, etc.), called Emergency Response Locations (ERLs). These ERLs are then assigned to corresponding network elements to implement automatic tracking.

Depending on the IP phone system deployed, the EGW automatically determines the location (or ERL) of an IP phone based on the network element to which the device is connected: layer 2 switch, layer 3 subnet, and/or wireless LAN BSSID.

To learn more about EGW, and how it can help your organization track IP phones for E911, download the Feature Brief: Automatic IP Phone Tracking.

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