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911 IP Phone Management: Invensys Wonderware Case Study

The following E911 case study details how West’s enterprise E911 solutions helped Wonderware simplify their IP phone management for 911 purposes, and solve for their enterprise E911 challenges.

With offices across the US, 60 work-at-home/mobile employees, and over 1,100 IP phones on the network, Wonderware needed an E911 solution that would provide reliable and accurate E911 services for all of its employees. As well, the management of phone moves, adds, and changes for E911 purposes needed to be simplified in order to function as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Download Wonderware Software: E911 Solution Enhances Safety for Nationwide Enterprise to learn how IP phone management was simplified for 911, and how Wonderware’s E911 challenges were solved with West’s E911 solution.

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