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Case Study: Deploying E911 for Skype for Business in a Large Enterprise

When organizations decide to upgrade or replace their existing communications infrastructure, it can represent the perfect opportunity to evaluate their E911 status and solution options.

This case study focuses on a client with an aging voice infrastructure, who turned to West to implement an E911 solution for their new Microsoft Skype for Business system. Their E911 solution, which was servicing their legacy deployment, could not support Skype for Business’ next-generation, location-aware endpoints.

The Requirements

The client needed an E911 solution that could address specific requirements, such as:

  • The ability to support Skype for Business’ location-aware endpoints.
  • Easy-to-use, reliable, and instantaneous location validation.
  • Direct connectivity to multiple Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) across the US, without requiring local trunks and gateways at each location, or the intervention of an intermediary call center for on-premises users.

About the E911 Solution for Skype for Business

The following case study identifies:

  • The key E911 challenges large enterprises often face when moving from legacy communication infrastructures to modern communication technologies.
  • How West’s E911 solution for Microsoft’s Skype for Business differs from other 911 solutions on the market.
  • The E911 features West offers that enhance Microsoft’s Skype for Business’ rich UC feature set.

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