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E911 for Education Facilities: Lynn University Case Study

The following E911 case study details why Lynn University (LU) selected West’s enterprise E911 solutions to solve for their E911 challenges.

With the safety of its students, faculty, and staff a top priority, Lynn University (LU) needed to implement an E911 solution that would provide distressed callers with access to emergency assistance as quickly as possible. However, LU faced three key challenges with regard to E911:

  1. Providing emergency responders with sufficient 911 location information to find distressed callers.
  2. Supporting E911 for both IP and legacy PBXs.
  3. Alerting on-site security personnel to all emergencies as they occurred.

Learn how West solved Lynn University’s E911 challenges by reading the case study, Higher Education: E911 Solution Enhances Safety on Large University Campus.

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