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Webinar On-Demand: Enterprise Wireless UC E911 Survival Guide

Enterprises are deploying wireless, voice-enabled Unified Communications (UC) applications, such as Cisco’s Jabber, to increase productivity and reduce costs.  In the past year, we’ve observed a dramatic increase in UC applications deployed on an array of devices that connect wirelessly to the network. More customers are asking about how to support E911 in these environments, particularly on Bring Your Own Devices (BYODs).

In this on-demand webinar, we explain the complexities of supporting emergency calls for wireless UC devices, and review various solutions, use cases and deployment scenarios that can solve these challenges.

Watch Allan Gaspe, Sales Engineer at West, to understand:

  • The E911 challenges of wireless UC
  • Methods for locating wireless users for E911 purposes
  • The effectiveness and our observations of the various location discovery solutions
  • How to leverage platforms such as Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine (MSE) as an accurate source for location data
  • The role of corporate security in an enterprise emergency
  • E911 issues and solutions for BYOD connecting to wireless access points that are “outside the firewall,” using Cisco Expressway
  • Privacy and security concerns related to user tracking
  • How 911 calls are handled on cellular versus WiFi connections

About the Speaker

Allen Gaspe

Allan Gaspe, Sales Engineer at West

Allan has been at the forefront of defining and bringing industry-leading E911 solutions to market. As the Product Manager for West’s Emergency Gateway (EGW), he managed the initial product launch and subsequent releases.

He has recently transitioned into sales where he serves as a pre-sales consultant. Additionally, he assists with research and development and helps resolve complex technical issues found in the field. Allan also led the team commissioned by Microsoft to build out the E911 functionality native to the Microsoft Lync 2010 release and beyond.

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