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Webinar On-Demand: The Evolving Enterprise and E911

Unified Communications (UC) technology is enabling unprecedented flexibility in the ways people connect and collaborate. This fundamental shift in how we work has also created a change in how we think about E911, with new technologies emerging to enhance the safety of all enterprise users. Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how West supports the latest UC technologies with our advanced E911 solutions.

You will learn:

  • How the emergence of UC technology affects our traditional understanding of E911
  • The impact of SIP trunks, and how to integrate an enterprise-wide E911 call routing solution
  • How to manage on- and off-site user mobility
  • How desk sharing and hoteling impact E911, and simple solutions to accommodate this type of dynamic work environment
  • How WebMD implemented West’s E911 solutions to keep their enterprise users safe

Who should watch the webinar:

  • Organizations using or planning to deploy UC systems
  • Enterprises in states with Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) E911 regulations
  • Anyone concerned with the safety of their UC users

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