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E911 Solution for Cisco Jabber

The adoption of Cisco Jabber is gaining momentum, as enterprises look to its rich feature set to provide Unified Communications (UC) functionality for their users. However, if a user dials 911 from their Jabber client, can your organization locate them quickly to provide the required emergency assistance?

The Solution

West’s solution for Cisco Jabber offers complete E911 support. Emergency Gateway (EGW) provides automatic tracking for on-premises users, while the Remote Location Manager (RLM), an EGW module, enables location self-provisioning capabilities for off-site users. When deployed with Emergency Routing Service for Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) connectivity, your enterprise can track an employee’s emergency location and deliver their call with the right location data to the correct PSAP for a timely emergency response.

Download the Solution Brief

This At-A-Glance document reviews how West’s proven Cisco-certified E911 solution for Cisco Jabber gives your users the freedom to collaborate from anywhere, while keeping them safe.