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Deploying Video Technology to Increase Revenue


Today, we're seeing an increased demand for using video in our contact centers, especially in the healthcare arena. We've circled back into an increased customer service, high touch with our customers, and video seems to be the first step. We're using video in a couple of different scenarios. We're using video in a seminar-type scenario. We're doing a one-to-many, where we get physicians or physicians' assistants to take a look at product demonstrations. We're also using it on a one-to-one scenario, and we're using it with patients, where we're doing examples of using a diabetic meter, or using a product, so the patient can see exactly how you use the product.

Video is helping to improve sales and product adoption, which is some of our KPIs in the healthcare industry. It's about 20% increase in sales when video is utilized in the sales process. So if we get the patient to adopt and utilize the product because they can see how it's effective through video technology, then we're successful from a customer service standpoint.

We use Adobe Connect for our video technology, and there's no download, so it's easy to share video with iPads, with all the mobile devices. So it's click a link, the video is there. So with all the different mobile devices in different scenarios, we're teaming with field sales and healthcare to team up and share presentations with physicians. So that field sales person does not have to be at that hospital. In the healthcare industry, the field sales could only get to one or two hospitals a day. We find that we can contact 20 a day via 1 customer service agent, so we're able to tenfold contact the same number of hospitals. We can then integrate with the field sales via video and provide the same coverage and the same customer service on the products.

We're getting to the physician, and we're able to pull in the field sales, still, via the video technology, so they're getting the best of both worlds. The field still gets to be part of the conversation, but we're covering more hospitals, and there are some no-see offices that don't even allow field sales to come to the hospital, but we're able to contact them via phone and perform video and pull the field sales, actually, in via video, so they can actually get into those no-see hospitals and talk to those physicians.

Video allows you to have more time with your physicians, more time with your healthcare associates, for a lower cost. We're able to reach more hospitals via phone and via video.