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Social Savvy Customer Engagement

West Social Media Solutions combine one of the industry’s leading cloud-based social media montitoring platforms with 23 years of experience in customer care, and social-savvy engagement associates who respond to your customers in real time.


Social media has become a real-time communication tool, a way for customers to be heard, and an opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers. So consider this. Eighty-six percent of people are now using social media for customer service, 83% of people who received a response were thrilled by it, but unfortunately, 90% of those inquiries went unanswered. So what's the answer? How can you be a part of the social scene, listen to every customer comment, and respond to your customers' needs?

At West, we've been handling customer care for some of the world's most successful companies for more than two decades. We offer not only the most experienced, capable, social savvy representatives, but also multi-channel integrated solutions that make it possible for you to monitor your customers' comments, engage with your audience, receive real-time analytics, and measure the effectiveness of your social media solution. This means that when you trust your business and your customers with West, you can rest assured that your company is supported by customer service professionals that never lose sight of your brand, your goals, and your communication needs.

The right people. The right platform. The right time. West. Contact West and learn how we can help you join in the conversation. 800-841-9000.